I had been traveling around Vietnam for a month before I got to Thailand and I was pretty tired and really needed some rest, so during the three weeks I was in Phra Nang before Barb arrived I did a whole lot of nothing.
I spent most of the time just lounging around the beach, eating, and sleeping. Afterall, what's a holiday for?

At the beginning of March, Barb arrived for her first trip to Thailand. She was a little hesitant about going to start with, but it took her about two days to get in to the swing of things, and we had a great time together.

This page is devoted to the time we spent on Phra Nang for the first two weeks of her vacation.


    Me and Barb had a very nice bungalow at SandSea Resort on Phra Nang. Here's the hut we lived in for the two weeks we were there. This hut was about a 30 second walk to Railay Beach.

The path that we walked every morning thru SandSea Bungalows on the way to the restaurant.





  Eating breakfast at SandSea Restaurant. These tables were right on the beach.


Barb at our regular table




    Beautiful Phra Nang Beach. In my humble opinion, it's the most beautiful beach in the world. Heres' a few shots of the beach and the cliffs surrounding it.    

A nice view of Phra Nang Beach. This picture, scanned from a postcard, was taken on the beach by the Princess Cave.

A view of Phra Nang Beach, taken from a rock climbers point of view.




    To get to PN Beach from Sunrise Beach you have to walk  along this path, which runs under the cliffs.









The path from Phra Nang Beach ends/begins on Sunrise Beach. This is what the walk back to our bungalow looks like. Nice, eh?

Most of Phra Nang is limestone cliffs and jungle, as you can see in this shot.









Uh oh. Looks like our mascot Bubbles has bitten off more than he can chew.





    More eating, this time at Coco Bungalow, where I usually live in the winter. The huts are kinda rough but they are cheap. If you can handle the jungle critters like snakes, big spiders, and the occassional rat, then Coco is for you. On the left is my  good friend, Lum. He's one of the waiters at Coco Restaurant. Great guy, salt of the earth    


    At the end of Phra Nang Beach is a shrine to the Princess Goddess Phra Nang. This altar sits inside a cave and it's good luck to offer the Princess presents of flowers, jewelry, alcohol, and a phallus or two. Notice the wooden dildoes to the left of the altar. Me and Barb went there at night when the cave is at it's spookiest to make our offerings. It's a really cool experience.    



On our last night before we went over to Ko Phi Phi, we sat on the beach and watched the sunset. This picture and the next two are pix of that sunset.

Barb on the beach watching the sun go down.







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