I've been to Bangkok about a dozen times, and over the last three years I've been staying at a little boutique hotel called StarryPlace. It's a very nice place not too far from the center of town, and it has the friendliest staff of any hotel I've stayed at in Thailand. Here's a picture of the girls who work at the front desk    



    My internet friend, Tu. We met online about two years ago and we always spend a little time together seeing the sites of Bangkok every time I'm in Thailand. This time we went over to one of the old Buddhist temples by the river, Wat Po, and here's a shot of her.      







The Reclining Buddha


One of the many MANY golden Buddhas at Wat Po.




  Part of our day together we spent around the area where all the old palaces of the Thai kings are located. Here's me and Tu outside of one of them. All the palaces are well over 100 years old.    



    There are probably 50,000 places to eat in Bangkok, and Tu turned me on to this sweet little place, right on the river. We did lunch.      



    Bangkok is always fun, but the beach is where it's at for me. So I jumped on a plane and flew down to Krabi and Phra Nang. The following pix, and the postcard above, were all taken at Phra Nang    



  There are two world class beaches at Phra Nang...Phra Nang Beach and Railay Beach. This is Railay Beach. Railay Beach. As you can see, there are towering cliffs all around the peninsula which has made it a popular destination for rock climbers...unfortunately.    



    One of the great things about Phra Nang is that lots of people come back year after year, and over time I've made some good friends. This is a picture of Janet, who is from Calgary, who comes to PN every year with her husband to climb rocks.      




I was at Phra Nang for three weeks before Barb arrived, and I stayed in this nice bungalow at ViewPoint Bungalows, on the top floor.

On the left is the vista from my porch at ViewPoint Bungalows.




    This little hut had a lot of character, as you can tell by the riverrock walls and floors. The steel cup in the middle, sitting up on the clothepins, is what I use to heat coffee water when I am traveling. It's candle powered.    



      I met this American couple one afternoon while I was checking out some new accommodations. He works for ESPN as the coordinator for the rock climbing part of the X-Games. Nice people.    



    Here's a couple very beautiful Buddha pictures from the postcards I sent.    



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