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      When the time came for me to leave Kathmandu, rather than spend 18 hours on a bus going to Pokhara it was just easier to fly. Here's the vintage 1950's Necon Scarelines plane I was on.     



    It was so weird. Just about every car I saw in Pokhara was a 1971-72 Toyota Corolla. Here's the parking lot at the Pokhara airport, jammed with Toyotas.      



Two British travelers who stayed in the room next to me at the Horizon Hotel. My room is the one directly to the right.
The Hotel Horizon, my address in Pokhara. Nice hotel, great service, comfortable rooms, Himalayan Mountain views...all for $8 night.


    The views of the mountains from the roof of my hotel      



    On one of the days I spent wandering around Pokhara, I happened upon this work crew in the process of pouring a concrete roof on a building. Instead of having a concrete pumper to pump the concrete up the three stories of this building, the Nepalese were lifting gold-pan sized vessels of mix BY HAND up a bamboo ladder. If you look at the picture closely you can see the workers using old rubber sandles for gloves. These young men worked all day humping concrete up three stories of ladder for about $1 per day.    



      Nice view of the mountains, from Pokhara.    




My internet service provider in Pokhara, Mr Nomad.

The picture on the left is Mr. Nomad's shop.







Mrs. Nomad and her sister.








My breakfast restaurant, right down the street from the Horizon Hotel.

The picture on the right is My Usual Table in the restaurant.












Street scenes, Pokhara.








Street scenes, Pokhara.









The Himalayas from Pokhara










This picture is from one of the little treks I took around the city of Pokhara. These terraces are typical of the kinds of rice paddies you see all over Nepal








There was a wonderful Tibetan Buddhist temple on the outskirts of Pokhara. It was up on a mountaintop and had some great views of the city. The real beauty of the temple was the inside and the outside of the temple. Check out the colors.









This is the outside of the temple. Look at the workmanship and the colors.








A mountain in the Annapurnas, from Pokhara






Outside Pokhara. What a great place. Those mountains are 24,000 feet tall.



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