Most of these pictures were taken on January 8th 2005, or 13 days after the tsunami.

When I saw these two bungalow operations there was hardly any visible damage at all, with the exception of the restaurants. Because the huts were all located on a ridge behind the beach they seemed to have gotten away unscathed, but they might well have cleaned up the mess before I got there.

Do you have pix of what these two bungalows looked like before the tsunami? I'd be interested in them, so email me.

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Porn Smile Bungalows, Ko Pu.

Unless they had already cleaned up the destroyed bungalows before I got there (and not including the slight damage to the restaurant) I saw very little damage at Porn Smile. The tsunami piled a bunch of broken trees and branches in front of the huts but it looks to me like they didn't get hit too badly.

They were, however, closed when I was there.








Coconut Green View, Ko Pu.

Like Porn Smile next door, CGC seems to have come away from the tsunami with little apparent damage. Most of it's huts are up on the ridge behind the beach and the waves didn't reach that high.

However, they were also closed in mid-January.








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