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Most of these pictures were taken on January 8th 2005, or 13 days after the tsunami.

As of the first of March 2005 the cleanup and recovery were well on it's way, as was the rebuilding and planning for next season.

Got pictures of the tsunami damage on KoJum/Ko Pu? I'll include them here if you email them to me.

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Bo Daeng, Ko Jum

Besides losing their boat and the beach in front getting trashed, these 3 demolished bungalows were the only real damage I saw at Bo Daeng.




King Cabana, Ko Pu.

At least I think this is King Cabana up on North Beach by Billee. The restaurant got flushed and they might have lost a bungalow or two.






Luboa Hut, Ko Pu.

Fortunately for Luboa most of their bungalows are up on a ridge behind the restaurant and survived unscathed. The bad news is the beach, the restaurant, and one of the more picturesque huts on Ko Pu got tsunamied in a big way.

They are rebuilding and will be open for business later in 2005.







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