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Most of these pictures were taken on January 8th 2005, or 13 days after the tsunami.

As of the first of March 2005 the cleanup and recovery were well on it's way, as was the rebuilding and planning for next season.

Got pictures of the tsunami damage on KoJum/Ko Pu? I'll include them here if you email them to me.

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Andaman Beach Bungalows, Ko Jum.

ABB sustained some damage to its beachfront bungalows, but overall it was lucky to get away with very little real problems. The restaurant escaped unharmed, but I think they lost their boat.






Billee Bar and Bungalows, Ko Pu.

Billee was one of the big losers at KP on Boxing Day. Lee lost his beachfront bar and his restaurant, but his three bungalows were undamaged.

 He was over in Railay on Ton Sai Beach getting together a camping trip to Ko Pu when the tsunami hit. The first wave put his longtail up on the beach, the second wave lifted his boat off the beach and deposited it into a restaurant (or a palm tree, depending on who is telling the story and how late at night it is). The details of what  really happened are unimportant because the undeniable fact is that his boat ended up splintered on Ton Sai.






Boat. Bar. Restaurant. All trashed.

Oh and the beach in front of Billee  took a real licking too. Coral, coral, and more coral. What a mess.

He's basically starting over. He's rebuilding and should be open for the 2005-06 season.

Choke dee, my friend.



















Sunset Beach Bungalows, Ko Pu.

Just down the beach from Billee is small, friendly Sunset Beach. SBB's restaurant took a hit and the beach got trashed, but it could have been much worse. I didn't see any destroyed bungalows at SBB and they seemed to have a working longtail boat.

Considering what happened next door at Billee they were pretty lucky.










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