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Here are pix of some of the tsunami damage at Ko Jum/Ko Pu. Most, if not all, of the bungalow operators sustained damage to their resorts from the waves that hit the island on December 26, 2004. Some had it worse than others. The island didn't suffer the kind of catastrophic loss of life as Ko Phi Phi or Khow Lak did (there was nobody killed on Ko Jum), but the losses in property and tourist income were substantial.

Want to help? SOS Koh Jum is a good place to donate cash.

Most of these pictures were taken on January 8th 2005, or 13 days after the tsunami.

As of the first of March 2005 the cleanup and recovery were well on it's way, as was the rebuilding and planning for next season.

Got pictures of the tsunami damage on KoJum/Ko Pu? I'll include them here if you email them to me.

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    Golden Pearl Resort, Ko Pu.

Sad. Just the saddest thing I saw the whole time I was on KP. It made me cry.

The Pearl was wrecked. The restaurant took a direct hit. The bungalows got rinsed badly. Their boat ended up on the far side of the road a hundred metres from the beach.

Bad things happen to the nicest people.















    Joy Bungalow, Ko Jum.

JB lost 9 huts and most of its landscaping along the dunes by the beach. As you can see there is just nothing left of the frontline bungalows. The restaurant was slightly damaged, but has since been repaired.

The famous orange "Joy Bungalow" sign which was on the beach got washed away. I'm sure it will be replaced soon.












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